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Café Caco

Café Caco
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Café Caco provides a place of encounter for Portuguese Canadians and a place of heritage and culture. For those who feel far from home, through the simple Portuguese café style interaction, it keeps a culture alive and a warm heart. Through the passion for soccer and the now international Portuguese TV with various channels, Café Caco offers, what I would call, a social service to the community worth looking into and expanding.  Games such as suecadamas and xadrez, or dominos to pool with Portuguese rules are only some of the ways to get people to do things together and share a feeling of partnership, such as the cultural ones they shared before emigrating. The screen offers sound and images of fado, news (European style where the truth comes out first), politics and sports. Oh yes, how could I forget the popular novelas (soaps) that keeps everyone on a schedule. Personaly I go there for the food, the wonderful petiscosbifanas or, when I'm really hungry, the prego no pao (a real steak on a portuguese bun).